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Reviews for Doctors who Rape by Pauline Trumpi

"The word, the idea of rape suggests bad men lurking in dark alleys to attack unsuspecting strangers. Writing through clenched teeth, Pauline Trumpi tells us how she was drugged, raped, and inseminated by a trusted psychiatrist who evaded significant punishment through the complicity of the organizations set up to protect us from bad people. As part of her own recovery, Ms. Trumpi has assembled a wide range of information about doctors who violate both their patients and the Hippocratic Oath that has been the basic contract for our safety in their hands. What started as her humiliation at the hands of a doctor became first a victim's rage and now a survivor's manual of use to us all."

-Donald L. Nathanson, M.D.
Executive Director, The Silvan S. Tomkins Institute

    "Because I do therapy mainly with victims of crime, this book is a much needed, valuable tool. . . . Positive changes occur in our legal system due to efforts such as Ms. Trumpi's. It takes courage to write in such a frank, honest manner."

-Nancy Gamble, Ph.D.
Co-author of The Second Rape and No, Go, and Tell

    "Some people tell the truth about the profession, others tell their own stories, and still others give information, but rarely does anyone combine everything in one book. This is that rare book-honest, useful, and like a fist in the face of those who abuse their power. But it is not bitter or vicious-just uncompromisingly true. This is the kind of book we need. In every field. I salute Pauline Trumpi."

-Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
Author of When Elephants Weep, Assault on Truth, and Dogs Never Lie About Love

    ". . . the most comprehensive study of its kind on this most difficult and troubling issue. All of the bases have been covered . . . supported by meticulous research. . . . the analyzing of actual cases makes this book a powerful tool and I recommend it as a 'must read' for anyone required to work within the criminal or civil justice systems of today."

-R.J. Grinstead, Sgt.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    ". . . Ms. Trumpi's book is telling us the truth about assault, helping to retire the myth that strangers are the only dangerous persons."

-Joseph Weinberg
Rape Prevention Educator
President of Men Stopping Rape, Madison, Wisconsin

    ". . . an excellent analysis of the devastating effects on the patient who is sexually abused. . . . The book carefully covers the medical, legal, and social issues which come into play. . . . I highly recommend this book."

-Kenneth L. Cunniff, Esq.

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